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tsci2d - user mode daemon to keep precise PC clock by ultilizing TSC register.


tsci2d [-h]


The traditional Unix gettimeofday() system call returns system time. Due to the limitation of clock interrupt update, the time reported only provides a coarse interpolation at microsecond level. TSCI2 (TSC-Internet2) package is used to provide precise time scaleing at microsecond level.

This daemon keeps itself synchronized with the system clock, at the same time maintain a conversion table for precise interpolation. Conversion table is in the form of named shared memory and is accessible by the tsci2 library.

Only one copy of tsci2d is allowed to run in the system at a time. All daemon messages are logged to syslog.


-h Show the daemon usage.



Exit Status

tsci2d returns a zero exit status if it quits normally. Non-zero is returned in case of start-up failure.


Xun Luo (

See Also

tsci2demo(1) , tsci2measure(1) .

Table of Contents